Issued by

the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy "SHAMS" on the occasion of the International Day for Tolerance

From 25/10 TO 16/11/2010

SHAMScenter Warns against theseriousness of the escalating calls to target the Christian brothers and theirchurches as it represents a desperate attempt by some parties to hit thereligious coexistence. The Eastern Christians are partner owners of the land andhave consistently defended it; the worsening situation in some Arab countriesand the sectarian and ethnic conflict is dwarfing the concept of citizenship. This implies Threatens to implicate the Arab world in chaos, loss of hope, community disintegration, displacement and seeking asylum. Hence, we stress ourcategorical rejection of all practices related to feeding a culture ofintolerance in all its forms, and all that may narrow the space of tolerancebetween members of the same society.

SHAMScenter emphasizes on theimportance of tolerance, mutual respect, dialogue and cooperation amongdifferent cultures, civilizations and peoples, as all cultures and civilizationscontribute to the enrichment of humankind. Departing from this fact, the worldtoday is in desperate need for culture of tolerance, peaceful coexistence and topeacefully compromise disputes and conflicts; it’s time to prevail love andintimacy between the nations and peoples ofearth.

SHAMScenter reminds all national andIslamic factions on the elapsing of another year on the absence of politicaltolerance, therefore, things have remained unchanged, and therefore, the centercalls upon the Palestinian National Authority and the Palestinian factions torespect and protect public freedoms, freedom of opinion and expression, peacefulassembly, political pluralism , and politicaltolerance.

At the sametime, the center urges the PNA and the different political parties and factionssettle differences and division, and to resort to dialogue as a sole option toresolve all existing discrepancies, in addition to renounce violence andintolerance on the official and popular levels, and banning the use of force orthe threat and intimidation, and the need to promote a culture of communitypeace and a culture of democracy and acceptance ofothers.

SHAMSCentre Commends the initiativeof our colleagues in "PYALARA" that is considering the 10/10 of each year as aPalestinian Day for Tolerance to cleanse the society from harmful behaviors andto strengthen the elements of social and national resilience towards protectingthe higher interests of the people.

Finally, We support all voices callingfor the choice of love and tolerance to build a Palestinian society free fromintolerance, factional, narcissism, hatred and revenge.