A consultative conference for Australian Muslim Peace Federation in Sydney
Mohammed Hussein
On Saturday night 04.06.2016 in Sydney, a consultative conference comprising of a number of ladies and gentlemen from different nationalities, languages and Islamic sects met to mainly communicate their voice for peace in Australia ((Voice of Muslim civilians)) to develop appropriate programs for a United front against sectarianism and fundamentalism in general in the mainstream Australian community and the Muslim community in particular. With the intention to send their messages, press releases and their future activities to the government and society as a whole.
Among the participation in the conference there was: Dr. Mohammed Al-Jabiry, Mr. Aziz Akbar, Dr. Wali Islam, Mr. Asim Mustafa Jawad, Mr. Hassan Mutab, Mr. Sulaiman Al-Fahad, Dr. Ihsan Al-Rubaie, Dr. Makki Kashkool, Mr. Hussein Dirani, Mr. Dhafer Al-Shammari, Dr. Ahmed Aboud,Mr. Jamal Dawood, Mr. Firas Naji, Ms. Hanadi Alaswad, Mrs.Susan Aoun, Mr. Noureddine Madani, Mr. Bakri Jaber, Mr. Hamid Abbas Al-Asadi, Mr. Muhannad Alsabbar, Mr. Mohamed Zoghbi, Mr. Mohamed Hussain, Dr. Taleb Al-Masoudi, Mr. Sabih Mustaqa. We have obtained a copy of the final statement which reads as follows .
The final statement of the consultative conference for the Australian Muslim Peace Federation.
Location: - Community Centre in Auburn / Sydney
When: - On Saturday, 06/04/2016 from 5:00 pm To 8:00 pm
At the invitation of the Federation of Australian Muslims for peace, a group of Muslims in the community who are working for cultural pluralism and peaceful coexistence among all segments of the Australian community met together to give advice at the conference to renounce the religious, sectarian and ethnic divide and to develop appropriate plans to proceed with the organisation for programs, events and activities forthis new national institution.
The conference opened with a verse from the Holy Quran, then Dr. Walee Islam a member of the Board of Trustees of the Union gave a welcome speech and then provided an outline of the objectives of the Union and it's social activities. Then, Mr Mohamed Hussein, a member of the Board of Trustees gave a brief speech in Arabic about the reasons,motives and objectives of the establishment of this national project.
In the second hour of the conference there was an open discussion to answer questions from the audience, which weredirected to Dr. Mohammad Al-Jabiry, Mr. Aziz Akbar and Dr. Wali Islam.
In the third hour the workshop opened between thecommunities to exchange ideas for the advancement of this Union to reach the objectives set and planned by the union.
The meeting included extensive discussions proving theimportance of dialogue among Muslims of various denominations as well as joint cooperation and work hard with hand in hand in order to reject the sectarian fanaticism that has spread in the Arab and Muslim homelands and resulting in many innocent victims.
The assembly proved unity in their action to find the most important federalism in a time when Muslims Australians face denial and intolerance and the loss of their rights as citizens in this country. Attendees also stressed on the necessity of adopting the Australian government and major parties - neutral and non-partisan and job creations, cultural and creative opportunities without any discrimination. Everyoneagreed that in these difficult circumstances in which Australia is currently in an election battle, to announce this United federation immediately and without condemnation to fight intolerance and considers this a negation of the basis of the existence of cultural pluralism.
We urge with all the intensity and the love and devotion to all Muslims in Australia to stand as one in order to get all the rights of citizenship, as well as call on all Muslim and Islamic centres and the role of science Islamic institutions to prevent religious and sectarian intolerance, especially at this time in which we find that the loss of religious tolerance, fundamentalism and sectarianism have created hatred among Muslims themselves and this is what is against the ideology of Islam and its teachings.
We declare that Islam is a religion of love, peace and equality. All rebellion against the Islamic teachings lead to our loss and the loss of generations to come.
We received guests from the Muslim communities of different backgrounds and nationalities, ethnic backgrounds; the members and founders of the Union included Dr. Mohammed Al-Jabiry, Dr. Wali Islam, Mr. Akbar Aziz, Dr. Mohammad Alaswad, Sayyed Hassan Mutab , Mr. Jamal Dawood, Mr.Asim Mustafa Jawad, Mr. Noureddine Madani and Mr. Mohamed Hussain. And the absence of Mr Maher al-Hassaniwho was traveling abroad.
After three hours of discussions between the communities, there was success through the abundance of wise and effective ideas by all attendees with full support in all areas of this national and humanitarian project. All have agreed to communicate and work together to serve their country and the Australian community.